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With SMSF Incubator, there’s no fund minimum for you to join. Fees are monthly and costs are based on the size of your client base. As you grow, you also benefit from lower fees per fund.

This makes Class Software – and SMSF Compliance – as accessible to small businesses as possible.

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Note: Services are restricted to advisers and accountants – sorry, trustees! Check out our terms and conditions and when ready, get started

1-24 Funds

Less than $34 per fund per month
$ 400 INC GST
Per Fund Per Annum
  • - Billed Monthly
  • - Email Support
  • - Prioriy Access to Training
  • - Admin by You
  • - Tax Lodgement by You
  • - Auditor of Your Choice
  • - 30min Support p/fund p.a

25+ Funds

Less than $27 per fund per month
$ 320 INC GST
Per Fund Per Annum
  • - Billed Monthly
  • - Email Support
  • - Priority Access to Training
  • - Admin by You
  • - Tax Lodgement by You
  • - Auditor of Your Choice
  • - 30min Support p/fund p.a

Class Portfolio

$25 per fund per month
$ 300 INC GST
Per Fund Per Annum
  • - Billed Monthly
  • - Email Support
  • - Free Training Webinars
  • - Trusts, Companies, Personal & Partnerships
  • - Transitions from $165 P/Portfolio
  • - Administration by You
  • - Tax Agent of Your Choice


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Join SMSF Incubator to realise your productivity potential and find more time for personal and professional goals.

Check out our service standards and contact us with any questions.

  • All support queries must be submitted either by emailing support@smsfincubator.com.au or via the support webform (powered by ZenDesk).
  • Phone support is not available via SMSF Incubator.
  • All SMSF Incubator clients must access support via SMSF Incubator and not Class Super.
  • Any inquiry directed to Class Super will be forwarded to SMSF Incubator via email or webform (powered by ZenDesk).
  • Where appropriate, support queries will be referred to Class Super User Guides or Training Modules in the first instance. 

SMSF Incubator provides  Class Super to users. This level of support is email-based to keep costs as accessible as possible.

Service levels we’re committed to are as follows:

  • Initial registration: It typically takes 2 business days to activate your signup with Incubator. in some instances, it can take an additional 2 days for provision of your Class login details.
  • Support emails: We aim to respond to all support queries lodged through support@smsfincubator.com.au within 3 business days.  
  • Support phone calls: We are currently unable to answer support queries via phone.  All support matters must be logged via support@smsfincubator.com.au.  Our team may call to resolve your enquiry where appropriate.
Transitions of SMSFs to Class: 
  • Migrating existing SMSF data onto Class Super can be impacted by a number of factors including: Source data (i.e. BGL versus manual),  SMSF size, including number of accounts and historical transactions, completeness of data provided to Superfund Wholesale and turnaround times of the Class Super data transition team.
  • Our service level for Class transitions is 10 business days (two weeks).
First free transition for SMSF Incubator clients:
  • As part of our service, SMSF Incubator may transition one existing SMSF onto Class Super for free.  The objective is to provide you with the ability to work on a ‘live’ client on Class Super.
  • We may also choose to provide you with a copy of the relevant Excel Fund Loader as a reference.
  • We, however, won’t provide a live demo of how to transition an existing SMSF onto Class Super. The process is covered in Module 6 – New Funds on Class.  
  • If additional support to transition client files onto Class is required,  this can be undertaken, counting towards your annual support quota.
Support Quotas
  • SMSF Incubator provides a maximum of 30 minutes of support per SMSF active on Class per financial year. For example, if you have 5 SMSFs you will be entitled to 2.5 hours support per financial year.  
  • Unused support time does not carry over to a new financial year and in many cases support enquiries will be referred to the relevant section in Class’ comprehensive help guide or relevant online training module.
  • Class software licence and support cannot be split.
  • Class software licences are pooled/ grouped by SMSF Incubator and must be paid monthy in arrears.
  • Unused support allocation does not rollover into subsequent years.
  • All fees must be paid via Direct Debit from your nominated bank account or credit card. Fees are levied monthly in arrears based on the number of funds active on Class Super for that month. 
  • Learn more detail on how SMSF Incubator fees are calculated here.
  • SMSF Incubator can assist with the transition of funds at our discretion as part of the onboarding process. 
  • Tax agent appointed will be your business or tax agent of your choice.
  • When signing up for SMSF Incubator, you’ll be issued Class Login Credentials. Once received, it’s recommended that you register for Class Super training modules or on-demand webinars. Click here to find resources currently available at the Class Education Hub.

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